The application for, confirmation of and tracking of the 14 regulatory leave types is a vital process within any business. ComTracker’s absence management software has been specifically built to manage these universal leave types within an interactive and monitored environment.


What does ComTracker’s absence management software offer?

ComTracker’s absence management software gives your business the facility to set global leave parameters, assign specific leave to individuals and allows for the real time interaction between management and staff to apply for and approve/decline requested leave while tracking each application process.


Why is accurate absence management important?

As a UK business it is your legal duty to provide an environment where your workforce can easily access their statutory and contractual leave entitlements as stated on your Absence Management Policy.

Monitoring and tracking your workforces absence via an auditable process ensures your business meets its contractual and legal obligations, as well as ensuring your workforce is taking the correct amount of leave and at times which are not detrimental to your business.

It is advised that every business  has a simple, transparent and effective absence management system to ensure your ongoing compliance and a happy, effective workforce.


How does the absence management software help your business?

If, like many companies, you are using a paper, spreadsheet or intranet based absence management system you will be aware of it’s limitations. Whether these be the accurate tracking of year on year leave allowances, the tedious administration which accompanies the application, confirmation and tracking of taken leave or simply the restrictions of a “LAN” based system, ComTracker has the solution for you.

Our cloud based system allows all parties to interact in real time from any web enabled device and records every step of the process giving both your business and your workforce the facility to monitor leave allowances, apply for leave and your management team to accept/reject and confirm leave taken, leading to an auditable and transparent environment.

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