ComTracker has designed a two-in-one solution to cater for all worker needs to allow them to log and view financial information relating to employment and self-employment.

The bookkeeping portal allows the workers to access information relating to employment and self-employment or a combination of both. Some workers will work via an agency and have a number of jobs whereas other workers have a part-time job and work as self-employed for extra income. The bookkeeping portal will allow each worker to take control of their own financial affairs.

Below are some keys areas of the bookkeeping portal each worker can access and use:


Bookkeeping means 'Credits' and 'Debits'.

Having the ability to record money coming in and out and checking what additional taxes you may have to pay HMRC.

Paper Management

Document upload tool to manage your documents securely online.

No one likes having to file papers or search for documents, simply upload all your documents to your portal for easy filing.

Employed Income

Upload and record your PAYE income.

Each employee can record their Pay As You Earn income and keep a record of all income earned per tax year.

Business Expenses

Business expenses to help reduce your tax payments to HMRC.

If you are self-employed and have business running costs, upload your expenses and see how your tax is recalculated.

Quick Tax Calculator

Tool so you can work out all of your income.

If you have various types of income, our tax calculator tool will work out what tax you might owe HMRC if any.

Work Type

Tools to manage your employment and self-employment work.

Your portal will show key information depending if your account was set up as an employee or self-employed contract worker.


Contract means 'Contract of Service' and 'Contract for Services'.

You can view assigned and historic employment and self-employment contracts via your portal.

Contract Timesheets

Assigned timesheets can be viewed and updated.

You can track the status of each timesheet right through to timesheet conversion to invoicing.


View or create your own invoices.

Your timesheets are automatically converted to an invoice for you or you can create your own invoices for private work.

Tax Returns

Making Tax returns less taxing!

If you are self-employed you must do a tax return even if your revenue for the year is zero. If you need this service contact us.