What is ComTracker HR?

ComTracker HR is an online due diligence tool which merges Human Resource Management, UK Right to Live, Immigration & IR35 Compliance. ComTracker has two core components, ComTracker HR for employees and ComTracker IR35 for self-employed contract workers.

Many businesses operate on the assumption that their workers will update them on any changes to their compliance circumstances. This does not always happen. Unlike most static HR solutions, ComTracker provides a dynamic environment where your workers compliance is constantly monitored and instantly notifies you should they become non-compliant.

Our goal is to give every UK business the essential due diligence tool to ensure they are always operating within the Law and avoiding hefty penalties

The Importance of Being Compliant

By Law, every business must safeguard itself from employing illegal workers or allowing people to work without the appropriate licenses, insurances and/or accreditations. ComTrackerHR gives you the peace of mind that your workforce is 100% compliant by constantly monitoring each individuals key data points and notifying you should they become non-compliant. This platform allows you avoid civil penalties from HMRC, Home Office and other regulatory bodies of up to £20,000 per worker.

Did you know that representatives from these organisations can turn up unnanounced and investigate your business? Would you be ready and have all your paperwork in order? STAY COMPLIANT & STAY SAFE. Read More

Human Resources

Every business needs an affordable Human Resource solution which accurately managers workforce data to ensure a smooth operation of their business. A strong HR system protects your business in the event of potential complications relating to HR inspections by HMRC and Home Office and employment tribunals.

ComTracker provides such a system and our HR tools are summarised below.

HR Tools

Depending on your business structure we have a number of tools that will help your business log and track data, they include:

  • Employer and employee integrated portals
  • Employees profile page that captures core data
  • Add and track holiday, sickness, paternity/maternity and other leave
  • Create and manage assessments and interviews
  • HR task manager
  • Customise your own payslips
  • 24/7 access from any web enabled device
  • No Apps to download or software to purchase
  • Real-time data updates

These are just some of the key features of the HR tools. Read more

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