What is IR35?

HMRC uses IR35 to determine if a worker working as self-employed is in fact in disguise of being self-employed. Any business hiring a self-employed worker must keep accurate records to demonstrate if challenged that your business complies to IR35. Other regulating bodies such as the Security Industry Authority have their own compliance checks to make sure workers are compliant. Read More

What should you do if you engage contract workers?

If you engage the services of self-employed individuals directly or indirectly, did you know you have a duty as a business to ensure these workers are genuinely self-employed, compliant and deemed as being 'Fit & Proper' under IR35 legislation? Some parties also call this being due diligent and taking ownership of whom they hire and accept under self-employment whether as a contract worker or subcontracting out. Read More

Have you taken an IR35 Test?

HMRC website provides UK businesses a basic self-test that partially guides as to whether you are IR35 compliant or not. As businesses has different set-ups this leaves grey areas and if HMRC can prove these grey areas are non-compliant they will fully investigate your business. To avoid this inconvenience the ComTrackerIR35 has a built-in advanced test which is confidential to the User logging in. At the end of the test you are informed if your business is likely to be compliant or non-compliant. Read More

IR35 Trade Tools

Built into your HR software are the tools you need to successfully process all types of contracts for self-employed contract workers. Key tools include assigning contracts and tmiesheets, processing invoices and payments, managing and assigning CIS tax payments, handles expenses and VAT. See a full list of the essential trade tools. Read More

Integrated Portals

One of the key features of the ComTrackerIR35 solution is our unique Integrated Portal. This portal has been designed to eliminate errors when processing your contract workers invoices by ensuring all parties (you, your client and the contract worker) verify invoice data before this data is processed.

Every contract worker you assign is given their own self-employed bookkeeping portal from which they can manage their own business and financial affairs including timesheets, invoices, payments, VAT, CIS and taxes.

This portal also provides these individuals with a resource centre which provides them with important information on remaining IR35 compliant. Read More

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