Having corporate wide standardization of HR documentation is essential to every business. While standardisation is essential, the opposite, the individualisation of each document is just as important.

ComTracker’s software weaves these two fundamental processes into one by allowing a bank of template HR documents to be compiled, and then by using dynamic fields, automatically bespokes these documents on an individual basis. Once generated, the software allows for further editing to ensure accurate document implementation.


What are customised interactive forms ?

ComTracker’s customized interactive forms lie at the heart of our softwares  recruitment process and ongoing human resource management facilitation. Key areas covered via this software application include:

The interviewing process

Build role specific web-based interviews which can be instantly issued to any prospective applicants. Applicants can then complete these questionnaires online which in turn can be reviewed and graded immediately.

HR documentation

HR documentation is typically one of the largest databases within any company. ComTrackers software facilitates the movement of this data into an online library and dynamically integrates it with each applicant’s and/or employee’s profile. In addition to this, each document can be individualised to ensure up to date and accurate information is reflected. Instantly share these documents with all approved parties.


Why are customised interactive forms important?

Every business has to deal with “paperwork”.  Having corporate-wide standardization of Recruitment and HR documentation which in turn can be customised on an individual basis is essential for the  accurate,  efficient and compliant operation of any business. In addition, it combats potential regulatory and legal hurdles that may cross a business's path.


How can customised interactive forms  help your business?

One of ComTracker’s key objectives is to reduce paperwork wherever possible by encouraging online data exchange and using dynamic form compilation to save time and money.

Using ComTracker’s customised interactive forms will reduce burdensome administrative work carried out by your employees, which in turn gives them more time to focus on their core roles. The implementation of standardisation and interactivity will help to further streamline your business process and reporting capabilities, allowing you to act swiftly to change or regulatory/legal scrutiny.

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