Managing employment and complying with the rules and regulations can be quite challenging even for the most experienced HR people. Keeping on top on all areas of employment Law and compliance needs constant review as these areas are always changing.

As businesses look for ways to reduce overheads and streamline non-essential business running costs, more and more businesses look at Human Resources to address these costs and in some cases reduce their staffing levels and expect them to do more for less.

Every business must be 'Due Diligent' and 'Fit & Proper' when employing and maintaining their staff. This is why every HR team needs the ComTrackerHR, the essential HR business tool to help make compliance easier to manage and track.

Every business should have in place the 5 key areas of 'Good HR Practices' as stipulated by the Home Office:

  • Area 1: Monitoring immigration status and preventing illegal employment
  • Area 2: Maintaining Worker contact details
  • Area 3: Recordkeeping
  • Area 4: Worker tracking and monitoring
  • Area 5: General HR duties

Every business that employs staff should follow the above 5 areas which will help to avoid 'Right to Work and Illegal Employment issues. ComTracker will manage all 5 key areas of 'Good HR Practices'.

How to avoid illegal employment?

Before offering a job to the successful applicant, are you 100% sure the applicant has the right to work in the UK?

Before confirming a start date in the applicants 'Employment Offer Letter' does the applicant need any approval first such as Visa from the Home Office, Disclosure and Barring Service, Security Industry Authority, Financial Conduct Authority etc.?

If the applicant already holds a valid visa, do you know when the applicant can start working for you? Did you know some visas the worker can start immediately and some you have to wait for the Home Office to approve?

If you are unsure about how to verify a visa, ComTrackerHR will do this for you.

If you are 100% satisfied the applicant can be offered an Employment Offer Letter you can agree a start date.

The applicant accepts your offer of employment and engagement commences on the agreed date.

The ComTracker HR will automatically track any compliance for that worker and will warn you when any compliance needs updating which will allow you to focus on other important HR responsibilities.

If you would like to a demo of the ComTrackerHR software click here.

Good HR Practices Solution

If you are concerned whether your HR is in order or your current HR system is adequate for the ever changes to to employment law, you might want to check out ComTracker HR a cloud-based solution that tackles employment and self-employment due diligence. It is 100% free to register and trial for 30 days. It then only costs £1.00 pcm per employee active in ComTracker.

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