Every HR department needs the right tools to handle every employee compliance data as well as day-to-day record keeping. HR departments are generally under extreme pressure to deliver an array of employment responsibilities which can make HR a stressful place to work in. The ComTracker has been designed to make HR less stressful and a better environment to work in.

Many UK businesses sponsor migrant workers and a part of their 'Good HR Practices' the Home Office stipulates that every business should monitor immigration status by preventing illegal employment, correctly maintain employees contact details, keep accurate records of each employee, monitor employees movements and record general activities. As we all know this is just part of the HR day-to-day duties.

Our aim is to help every HR department to reduce the amount of admin it has to do.

HR Tools for Employment

Below we have listed some of the tools you can use for employed staff:

  1. Manage your employees
  2. Self-verify if every employee has the right to work and are compliant
  3. Self-verify if you can legally employ someone and prevent illegal employment
  4. Set HR Admin Tasks
  5. Create and manage interviews
  6. Manage and track leave
  7. Manage and track work patterns
  8. Calendar to track all employees' movements
  9. Record key skill sets of each employee
  10. Create CV for each employee
  11. Assign employment contracts
  12. Create your own payslips
  13. Document hub to store each employees scanned files
  14. Manage financial details
  15. Compliance control panel to monitor pending non-compliance
  16. Report to demonstrate employed staff has the right to work and are legally employed.

Home Office Compliance

If you are a business that holds a Tier 2 or Tier 5 sponsor license, did you know if your business was ever B-Rated for non-compliance, and you failed a second Home Office inspection, you will lose your sponsor license which means all of your Tier 2 and Tier 5 staff would have to leave your employment and have 60 days to find a new sponsor.

Let the ComTracker help you to stay compliant and avoid inconvenience to your business.

ComTracker HR Tools
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