Immigration can be a minefield and very confusing as the United Kingdom has the most complex immigration system in the world. The key element of immigration is having a 'Good HR System' in place.

Did you know prior to the introduction of the Home Office Points Based System in 2008 there were around 80 different visa routes? Even today it is very difficult to know who can work on what visa type.

Once a business has a solid HR foundation and fully understand the immigration processes that are required then tackling HR and immigration should be much easier and this is where the ComTracker stands out as your must have HR compliance software.

How does the Home Office view immigration in the UK?

In the UK we have two types of businesses, the ones who knowing break the immigration rules (Knowingly) and then you have the ones who break the rules 'Unknowingly' due to poor immigration knowledge and lack of having a solid HR system to record and track compliance data.

The purpose of this page is to educate UK business so the word 'Knowingly' no longer applies to them. Another word wildly used when Home Office carries out an HR inspection, 'I assumed' I was comply with the immigration rules. If your business was found to be non-compliant, you are likely to receive a civil penalty up to £20,000 per illegal worker.

If you have not done a comprehensive immigration audit or you just assume you comply, why take the risk? Did you know if you hired a self-employed worker that was deemed as non-compliant you could still be liable! Is it really worth the risk? Our in-house immigration specialist can help you get fully compliant. Want to know more?

On top of the nasty immigration fines you are likely to receive, you are also likely to be named and shamed on the Home Office website which the press is likely to use. This links below.

Below are the key links that shows by region who received a civil penalty plus a quarter totals of fines issued

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