Most UK businesses engage with other companies as clients. To successfully manage these clients it’s advised that a CRM (Client Relationship Management) system is used to maximise the business potential your business gets from each client. ComTracker has a built in basic CRM system allowing you to track each of your clients and associate them with any self employed individual with whom you engage where necessary.

What is an integrated CRM?

An integrated CRM is an online database where you can input and store all of your essential client details. This information can be integrated with other system information within the platform.

Why is it important to use an integrated CRM?

Having up to date client information is vital to keeping precise records and remaining compliant. Additionally, having this information accessible 24/7 from any web enabled device, means your team is always accessing accurate information both in, and out of the office.

How can an integrated CRM help your business?

This integrated CRM environment allows your workforce to avoid costly mistakes and/or loss of valuable time should they not have the accurate data at their fingertips. Furthermore, having up to date data ensures all assignments and engagements which use this CRM information are using the correct data all of the time.

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