Businesses need real-time information to ensure their staff, contract workers and clients are informed 'there and then.

ComTracker integrated portals allows your business to communicate with a number of third parties that can include your employees, contract workers and clients if you manage contracts on a client's site. Sharing data in real-time is essential to ensure third parties are kept up to date and allowing these parties to update your business.

If you permitted your employed staff to access their portal they can view and track key data that you hold on them plus request holiday.

If you hire contract workers directly or subcontract them out these workers can receive your assigned contracts, find job location by GoogleMap, assign timesheets, track timesheet status, track their invoice payments and view CIS tax remittance statements and track their tax liability in real-time.

If you subcontract out contract workers you might want these clients to access their portal to verify their timesheet so you know they were on sight for the period agreed plus, when you assign the client an invoice no need to post it or email it to them as it will automatically be assigned to their portal.

Coming soon will be our new integrated job-board. Simply post from within the ComTracker, track who applied to the job, shortlist and assign as either an employee or contract worker straight into your software. Prior to employing or hiring that worker the ComTracker will advise you if that worker can be permitted by UK Law to work or not.


All portals are designed uniquely which means only key data is shared that is relevant to that party. All portals come with tight security which means only approved Users can access those portals. Your business has full control who can access and who cannot. Your communication gateway will drive down admin time spent on managing your workers and greatly improve your communication with an array of third parties.

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