Any business engaging with self employed workers will be aware of the pitfalls of ensuring the correct data is collected, workers are paid correctly and all parties remain compliant to UK regulations when engaging these types of workers.

Interactive timesheeting is the process of creation, population, verification and processing of timesheets required by self employed individuals.

ComTracker’s software allows you to associate certain self employed workers to clients with whom the workers supply a service on your behalf via a contract. Timesheets can then be generated per job done and the workers can complete these online. Before processing the timesheet data the ComTracker’s software allows you to opt for the client to verify this data to avoid any miscommunication.

Why is it important to use interactive timesheeting ?

When engaging self employed workers in the UK there are defined guidelines on how the payment process is handled. ComTracker’s software facilitates this process by giving the workers the responsibility to complete their own invoices which are then entered into a single invoice to your clients. Aspects such as VAT and CIS are automatically build in.

How can interactive timesheeting help your business ?

If you engage with self employed workers who perform services for your clients then it’s imperative they are not treated as employees, but rather as self employed individuals. UK legislation governing this process is called IR35 and failure to comply with this legislation can result in severe penalties.

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