Software systems save paper and therefore save the environment. However, beyond the environmental benefits of operating with a paperless environment is automation that comes with operating within an online “cloud” based environment and allowing computer programs to do lots of the “heavy lifting”. ComTracker reduces the need for paper and minimises duplication by dynamically integrating relevant information wherever relevant.


What is “paperless documentation management”?

Paperless documentation allows you to create bespoke digital documents which can be viewed, updated and stored in an online environment allowing you 24/7 access to vital information.

Throughout ComTracker’s software, and all AVERT Solutions products, we’ve built online interactive solutions. From capturing initial applicant data, through the recruitment and ongoing HR management process to timesheeting and absence management, we’re online. We firmly believe that operating in a secure online environment boosts any business productivity creating a beneficial environment both internally and externally.


Why is Paperless Documentation important?

Online communication, integration and interaction is not the way of the future, it is NOW. With most individuals in the UK conducting most of their personal and business interactions over the web it’s advantageous for any business fall in line with this practice. People are most comfortable and productive within the “norm” and cloud based solutions are fast becoming normal practice.


How can going “paperless” help your business?

If, like many businesses, your operational process are being run on paper, on spreadsheets or within files and folders, you may be thinking of moving to an online environment. ComTracker offers it’s clients an affordable online platform within which to conduct operational practices within the “cloud”.

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