ComTracker’s unique compliance tracking tool provides a simple solution to a complex problem. As a business operating in the UK you are required by law to ensure that both your permanent and contracting workforce has the Right to Live and Work in the UK.


What is the compliance tracking tool?

It is an interactive software package that collects, collates and tracks key data points to ensure all your staff and contractors are 100% compliant all of the time. Data can either be inputted by the employer or employee to create a personal profile. Once uploaded, the software collates this data and identifies the key compliance trigger points that could leave your business vulnerable. These points are then tracked and displayed in an easy to view dashboard which identifies any potential compliance breaches. This dashboard flags all breaches giving you 90 days to take action.  Profiles can be viewed and updated from any web enabled device resulting in instant data updates adding to your businesses security.


Why is compliance tracking important?

Every UK business can be subject to a Home Office or HMRC audit in which certain due diligence documents are requested. These visits are typically unannounced and businesses who are unable to provide the required documentation can face civil penalty  of up to £20,000 per illegal worker. Such fines can be detrimental to most businesses, so ensuring you have a fit and proper process in place to capture, collate and track compliance data is essential.


How can ComTracker help your business ?

If, like most businesses, your compliance data is kept on paper, spreadsheets or within files and folders on your desktop then you may want to consider our cloud based option. ComTracker’s compliance software can be easily implemented into your business ensuring workforce compliance and avoiding hefty fines. Once signed up your business will have access to a large library of up to date compliance documentation, providing continuous compliance support.

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