If your business hires directly or subcontracts out self-employed contract workers, you will need certain tools to help you manage and process compliant contracts, timesheets and invoice payments.

It is essential your business does this correctly or you could accidently fall under non IR35 compliance which could lead to HMRC taking action against your business.

We have designed a number of tools that will make contracting so much easier to do and most importantly give you the compliance tools to allow you demonstrate how compliant your business is.

HR Tools for Contracting

Below we have listed some of the tools your business can use when managing self-employed contract workers:

  1. Business IR35 test verification tool to check for non-compliance
  2. Self-verify if existing contract workers have the right to work under self-employment
  3. Self-verify if you can legally hire a self-employed contract worker prior to engagement
  4. Manage contract workers details
  5. Client manager
  6. Template contract tool
  7. Assign contracts
  8. Assign and process timesheets
  9. Timesheet note manager
  10. Invoicing management tool
  11. CIS tax calculator
  12. Payment notification tool
  13. BACs payment tool
  14. Invoice factoring management tool
  15. Payment tracker tool
  16. Manage business expenses
  17. Assign management fees
  18. Email notifications
  19. Document upload tool
  20. Permission Management Tool
  21. Financial Overview Graphs
  22. VAT/FRV Management Tool

If you are unsure if your business is structured correctly to hire or subcontract out self-employed workers, do not take the risk, take our free IR35 Test.

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