ComTracker understands the power of a business brand hence why we have designed our software to be a white label solution for your business.

The software can be used in various ways from as a standalone point of view where only your approved employees can access to manage existing and new employees as well as contract staff. If you would like your employee to access their portal so they can request holiday, view data you hold on them then you can give them access to their portal. If your business subcontracts out workers to clients properties and you need to view timesheets and invoices you can permit those clients to access their portal.

White Label Portals


Your approved employees that are responsible for logging and updating day-to-day activities will get access to their secure portal. This portal permits those approved Users to do checks on employed staff and keep their records up to date.



Employees are provided their own dedicated portal where they can view and track key information you hold on them as well as allowing each employee to request and track holiday. The portal is a great tool to provide your staff with their payslips as well as other documents.


Contractors (Clients)

If you directly hire contract workers or subcontract them out you can assign these workers to your HR system. If you have clients where you subcontract your workers out, you can also assign these clients to your software. The software allows these third parties to access key information such as assigned contracts, timesheets, tax, VAT, invoicing and payments.


Contract Workers (Self-Employed)

If your business hires directly or subcontracts out self-employed contract workers, each worker is provided a portal to view their assigned contracts, timesheets, track payments, view their tax liability plus other features to help your business comply under IR35 that each worker is genuinely self-employed.


Web Enabled Devices

The portals are all integrated which means data is shared in real-time. All portals are hosted in the cloud which means any web enabled device you gain access to, you can access the portals.

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White Label
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